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Christopher Sia Music


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The husband and wife acoustic duo performs originals and popular covers with a light folk feel. Their voices complement each other as do their instruments which can include the mandolin, keyboard, guitar and ukulele. For more information and booking contact:

Bring Me Back to Life
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Check out all the new videos on YouTube. Wishing everyone out there good health during this pandemic. Hope the videos help in some way, whether it's venting our frustration or finding the strength to keep going. 

What do you get when you combine Isaac Newton, experiments in gravity at a trampoline park and a really fun song?



Determined. Conflicted. Introspective. Spirited. These words could describe the man as much as they describe his music.  He first realized his ability to create lyrics and music out of nothing during his junior year of high school. Though he freely admits that his first attempts were not “Stellar,” he knew that he would be writing songs for the rest of his life. In his cathartic process, he finds solace in songwriting but also the desire to push himself to the next level. 

He picked up the guitar first (the crafter’s most helpful tool), but the general demand for a bass player dictated his second instrument. His interest in technology and electronics offered new possibilities in his recording with the use of the monome and sound effects programmed in SuperCollider. If asked, he could probably not pick a favorite instrument any more than he could choose between his two amazing children. However, his newest muse, the mandolin, goes almost everywhere the family does, mostly because it is just so much fun. 

Fun. Despite the blood, sweat, and tears that comprise his music and life, at the root of it all is fun: the fun he creates daily at home, the fun memories of his parents driving around in the car so they could listen to Lionel Ritchie on the only cassette player they owned at the time, the fun in solving the complex problem at hand, the fun in performing (whether it be a on stage or on the baseball diamond), and of course the fun in listening.  Enjoy the music.

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